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About us
   Our Goal
Our sole and primary goal is the pleasure and trust of our customers, partners and employees. In a social environment of an increasing dynamics and daily challenges, it is our company’s vision that only loyal customers may guarantee years of success.

We desire the certainty that our cars and services meet the expectations of our customers. We have established permanent and fair working relations with our authorized sales and service partners. The constant exchange of information, education and training programs provide us with a continuous improvement of the quality of work.

Success is the basic principle and standard of our operation, which we, together with our employees, are developing. Well educated, diligent and informed employees are the bearers of our company’s success.
Every employee of our company, during their operation, acts in the best interest of our customers, citizens’ associations, natural and legal entities, thus contributing to the overall success of the company.

We are a reliable partner
The strong support from our mother company Porsche Holding Austria regarding the education and training programs for our employees and the support for the improvement of the quality of work, represent the foundations for a long-term partnership with our clients.

Innovative and willing to change
Our company is characterized with a high level of employee sense of responsibility. The shallow hierarchy is the base for a fast reaction to the demands within the company, which are rapidly changing from one day to the next.

By means of constant innovation and investments, as well as the up-to-date IT and communications technology, we wish to reach a competitive advantage

Anywhere, Anytime
Just 20 years ago, delivery of original spare parts was affected once a month. Impatient drivers settled for unoriginal parts, built in at unauthorized services.

Today, drivers of the Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen commercial vehicles concern, may be at ease. Our customers can obtain everything they need for their cars in one place; furthermore, every original spare part bears a quality guarantee. The two-year’ guarantee of built in original parts, represent additional certainty for the customer and his car.

In other words, if a problem occurs while you are driving, Porsche Prishtina provides the elimination of the problem within the shortest time possible.

All these are only few of the great set of advantages for our customers. However, it’s very important for us that when You purchase a car of the Audi, Volkswagen Commercial vehicles, Skoda and Volkswagen brands, You will obtain security and a reliable partner that cares for Your car, that will drive and drive and drive...